Flying Colours Artists' Association
Art from the Peace Region of Northern BC

Flying Colours Artists' Association


FLYING COLOURS ARTISTS’ ASSOCIATION is a regional organization that provides support and educational opportunities for a community of practicing artists through the sponsorship of adult art workshops, artists' retreats and mentoring.  Join FCAA and share your passions for creativity and learning!

Benefits of Membership:

1.  Members receive notice of ongoing activities organized and sponsored by FLYING COLOURS.  These activities include art workshops, artist’s retreats, exhibition opportunities and group supply orders. Group ordering allows members to purchase art supplies and framing materials at a discount.

2.  Based on current Peace Gallery North Policies, members pay a 35% commission during participation in an Art Show and Sale at PGN as opposed to a 30% commission in the gift shop. 

3.  Members may participate in the ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE initiative at the North Peace Cultural Centre (NPCC) loft and have access to this area during regular NPCC operating hours on a drop-in basis.   Access to the space should be reserved ahead of time to ensure availability.  Flying Colours will keep the NPCC updated regarding regularly scheduled events/usage of the loft displays, painting days, etc.  The NPCC will reserve the area for specific events.

4.  Members will have opportunities to participate in all art shows and sales sponsored by FLYING COLOURS.   Currently, Peace Gallery North has committed to having one FCs Group Show/year.  If there are fees for the organization of sales, participating artists will share in the fee payments.  If there are no associated costs, artists will receive all profits from these sales.

5.   Accumulated funds may, upon agreement from FC members, be used for purchasing something that the membership as a whole would benefit from.  In the past the group purchased painting DVDs for our reference library, a printing press & inks, mat cutter and other supplies for member’s use.

6.   Members will receive notification of any new benefits or discounts as they become available.

7.   A personal presence on two linked websites.  Opportunities for printmaking initiatives to be announced soon.

8.   Membership Fees- $35/year, payable in August.