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Fine-Art Giclee Definition



Giclees (zhee-clays) are museum quality  Fine-Art reproductions, also called Archival Prints.  These are the result of highly advanced digital printing technology.  A Fine-Art Giclee is the closest to an original painting you can get.  These artworks are made with an ultra-high resolution fine-art printer, using seven cartridges of the very finest archival inks on acid-free paper or cotton canvas.  These prints are created by tiny jets spraying millions of droplets of archival, pigmented inks onto archival surfaces.  This spray of ink contains more than 4 million droplets per second.


Independent testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc., a world leader in image longevity testing, has established that these archival prints, or Giclees, will last more than 200 years before any shift in colour integrity occurs.  Unlike regular printed reproductions, Giles are truly durable museum quality, Fine-Art reproductions.


The colours, artistic value, quality of materials and overall looks make a Fine-Art Giclee much more valuable and expensive to produce than any other type of reproduction.  Giclee prints provide collectors the opportunity to own a valuable work of art at a very reasonable price.


Some artists have produced a limited edition, guaranteed never to exceed the number indicated on the numbered print or the Certificates of Authority,  that may accompany the artwork.