Flying Colours Artists' Association
Art from the Peace Region of Northern BC


Members of the Flying Colours Artists Association are invited to participate in the Flying Colours, Points of View - ‘Here', exhibit 2017! It is booked for Peace Galley North, Friday, April 7 - Saturday, April 29.

It was decided the show be based on seven of Miep’s photos of local, outdoor, mostly wild, flavour. The photos are of her choosing. After much considered deliberation, taking into account the various media preferences and styles of Flying Colours Artists, the seven photos have finally been selected and are included below. All members of Flying Colours are invited to submit works for which one or more of the photos is the source of inspiration.

As it says on our website: members render their viewpoints in colour, black-and-white, a wide variety of media, many different styles and with a variety of artistic intentions and demonstrate that artists interpret the same inspirational material in different ways. Members want to intrigue viewers with the diversity and contrasting styles that can be found within an artistic community and in the way an identical starting point can create diverse content.

At this time, the number of submissions is unlimited. This may change under a deluge of submissions.

Should any reference photo invoke less than three representations, it will be deleted from the exhibit as the theme of the show would not be adequately illustrated. This has never yet come to pass for Points of View exhibitions in the past.