Flying Colours Artists' Association
Art from the Peace Region of Northern BC
24 Aug 2019 - 25 Aug 2019 Pit Firing Workshop with Ken Lumbis Category: Workshop/Class Price: 100.00 Venue: Miep's studio Charlie Lake
An exciting Pit Firing Workshop with Ken Lumbis, sculptural Ceramic Artist, ( who will introduce you to some of the pit-firing techniques that he uses to create his ceramic sculptures; primarily wall-mounted pieces.

A variety of topics will be covered with a powerpoint presentation as well as demonstrations. Topics covered will include pre-firing techniques, pit-firing procedures and additives, post-firing treatments and mounting/display options.

Ceramic panels will be provided for each participant to prepare for a pit-firing that will occur on site. Decorative elements and pit-firing additives will be provided. Participants may bring pieces of copper, small in size, that they might want to incorporate as a decorative element. The pieces will then be treated as necessary. In addition Ken will have some of his finished works here to exemplify various techniques.

The workshop will take place at Miep’s Studio Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25 beginning at 10:00. Sunday will likely be a short day as the items will have been fired later Saturday and cooled overnight to be removed from the pit on Sunday. You may wish to bring your own lunch or some delectables to share. Coffee and Tea and Water are provided.

Cost of the workshop is $100 payable in full upon registration with Mary Parslow. mparslow As local Potters are eager to join this workshop, register ASAP as there are merely 15 spots available!